I knit a look alike nfl beanies!

Every winter,I need knit some nfl winter hats.So do this winter!I am so busy that I must spare some time to knit some beanies for my daughter and mom.

Among them,one of the nfl beanies’ lines were the old,but my daughter loves very much.It should be capped, I made improvement, daughter ponytail just on the outside from the top.

Cheap NFL New York Giants New Era Beanies Knit Hats 01
Cheap NFL New York Giants New Era Beanies Knit Hats 01

Another new era beanies cheap is knitted for my mom.When I saw a beautiful type in the street.I knitted the same one for my mom at home.My mom liked this very much and didn’t abandon it.After she wearing this,she was very happy!In this way, it is not easy for the old man to wear the air leakage.

Mom’s beanies were used the only practical home 2 more than 2 wire woven and double thick wool cap.So,this added a little warm for mother,And as for my this beanies,which was so simple and decent.Of course,there re many ways to wear cheap nfl beanies that can show different results.My mom pulled down the cap, cover the ears, and became a full old lady peaked hat!

It was true that I spent many times for this new era nfl beanies!Before I bought some export wool fine lines, color transform complex and unpredictable for knitting beanies.But was a skein, then as a child to help her mother like a yarn wrapped around wrapped into a ball, which was easy to use.Because itself was very tight, so the 2 and two line was a hard small ball of wool, and also very cute.

Of course,if you want to knit a beanies,you must remember choosing a woolen yarn is very important!I still remember that I hooked for 6 hours last Sunday from Monday to Thursday, almost 1.5 hours a day.A total of 12 hours of hook when I finished them.This beanies was very good. Where the use of a new method for me, the 65g wool crochet hook length.1.3 of the outer needle dosage.The most important is that the head circumference was also good. And the hat hook at any time by adjusting the tightness of feeling.

NFL Seattle Seahawks Beanies NEW ERA Knit Hats Winter Caps BLACK GREY
NFL Seattle Seahawks Beanies NEW ERA Knit Hats Winter Caps BLACK GREY

My mom don’t wear nfl skull caps before.Because she was too old to wear some fashion things.Due to my work about this beanies,she couldn’t help wearing them.Then, in the early winter wear, then I plan to knit another heavy fabric but not hollowed out winter wear for mom!

My mom said that this was a real work that the color of my knitting yarn was very natural and beautiful, and she liked it very much.After wearing ,it really was fascinating. The texture of nfl knit hats felt so good, fluffy and so warm and thick.And that his skin was so good that it didn’t stick at all.

I always believe that whether the family is around us, winter is accompanied by a nfl beanie hats is the most happiest!