STAYREAL X NEW ERA Star generation 9FIFTY baseball cap first joint release

“Star generation baseball cap” is STAYREAL for the first time with the New York hat maker NEW ERA joint cooperation, three-dimensional embroidery brand LOGO plus five-pointed star totem, show American-style street fashion, a total of interstellar black and magic red two colors STAYREAL X NEW ERA Star generation 9FIFTY baseball cap in the recently released for the first time jointly.

NEW ERA Cheap NFL Beanies is a new hat manufacturer from New York and has nearly a hundred years of history, but also the official baseball cap the US Major League Baseball the only manufacturer of the new baseball cap .

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NEW ERA introduced a series of cap models have their own characteristics, such as New England Patriots NFL Knit Hats “59FIFTY” series is the Major League Baseball players in the race to wear the specified model, but also the basic cap NEW ERA type. The STAYREAL for the first time together with the NEW ERA joint “Star generation baseball cap” is used “9FIFTY” series hat, which is NEW ERA one of the classic cap. Unlike the “59FIFTY” series of full-cap type cap, Star generation baseball cap “9FIFTY” cap back with a breasted design, can be freely adjusted size, suitable for most people wear. Plus STAYREAL brand LOGO and five-pointed star totem of the three-dimensional embroidery, the American style of street fashion perfect show.

STAYREAL by the Mayday lead singer Ashin and Taiwan well-known artists No2Good was founded in Taipei in July 2007, since the establishment of the trend in the field of light fashion and the development of high-profile, T-shirt for the creative stage, style across the playful , Pure, rock, anti-war spirit, and good at realistic design techniques, the integration of rock music, street punk concept, the introduction of diverse and high-quality rich works. STAYREAL as each shirt is a stage, each convey a belief that a good T-shirt like a good song, you can change the world!

How to Cleaning and maintenance NFL Knit Hats

After pick off Cheap NFL Knit Hats, in order to avoid aliasing distortion should be hung on the coat rack, or hook on the top do not ballast. Wearing a sports caps for a long time,hat inside and outside will be coated with grease, dirt, must be promptly wash off. Wash the cap liner can be removed, and then stretched on, so as not to sweat on the dirt cap lining damp moldy hat affect life expectancy. the dust on caps must be clean on time. Adhere to the cap surface of the sludge, grease, use a soft brush dipped in hot soapy water to gently scrub, then rinse. When wash Cheap NFL Beanies, you can find a hat of the same size and round cans or the pot, put the hat on top of re-washing to avoid aliasing. When lay off the hat need to brush the dust off, wash away dirt, drying in the sun for a while, and then wrapped in paper and put the cap box, stored in ventilated, dry place, while storage box placed desiccant to anti-moisture. Cowboys Knit Hats demolition cleaning more special, there can not be flooded (such as feathers, sequins, or liner-type hat, etc.),If the hat is made of cotton material can be washed.Cheap NFL Knit Hats Online

Hat washing method:
1, the cap should be removed the decorations.
2, washing hat are advised to use water and neutral detergent soak slightly.
3, gently scrub with a soft brush.
4, inner sweatband part <ring in contact with the head portion> brushing several times to thoroughly clean dirt and bacteria Khan,
5, will be converted into four hats, gently get rid of the water, do not use a washing machine dehydration.
6,spread out the hat, stuffed inside an old towel and dry flat, should not hang to dry.